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    Jan 9, 2001
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    I'm looking for a very good pair of surround speakers to replace an older pair of B&W's bookshelf speakers that I've been using temporarily. After re-arranging the furniture to its final position, I moved the surrounds to right spot on the walls. It move them out of corners onto the middle of the two rear walls (room is oriented diagonally with TV in front corner), the speakers now protrude about 18" into the room on their mounting brackets, and that was too much for my wife. So she's given me the green light to replace them with something less obtrusive (har har, love those home depot mounting brackets, worth every penny).
    So I'm looking for a very good pair of surrounds for a 5.1 setup, that will eventually move to 7.1 when I buy separates.
    The room is large, about 24 x 26 x 12' ceilings, so I have a lot of volume to fill. My mains are Martin Logan reQuests, the center will be Martin Logan also. Subs are 2 x 16-46CS. For the rears I'd like to look at all options, I'm not sure I want to pay the $ I'd need to pay to get the
    ML's I'd be happy with, but I still have to look into it.
    I'm not hung up on matching the front speakers and the surrounds, I firmly believe that the the fronts and center must match, but really, its a long way around to the rears on the Avia sweep and I seriously doubt that anyone with matching speakers has a seamless image.
    So my requirements are:
    - Wall-mounted speakers or floor standers. One wall is completely glass with just enough space between window units to fit a wall-mounted speaker. The wall is prewired in this position but I'd plaster over it if floor standers made more sense.
    - High power handling, say 150 watts min
    - Budget of say,, 1000-1500 Cdn for the pair. Oh hell, maybe a bit more ... this is how I got into trouble with the mains...
    - Oh, and high WAF. After all, she gave me the green light [​IMG]
    So what would you recommend? And why?
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    Dec 25, 2001
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    You want dipoles or direct radiators? If you want dipoles, I recommend you look into the Paradigm Reference Studio ADP's, especially since you are in Canada and they are much cheaper there. They are the best dipoles surrounds I have ever heard, and I've demoed quite a lot. They are not what I would call small, but they do not protrude a lot from the wall either. I think there is an option for wood veneer with those at a higher price. I think without the veneer they are $1200 Cnd., probably a couple hundred more with.
  3. Marty Lockstead

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    Mar 4, 2002
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    Hi Larry.
    I suggest demoing a pair of Definitive Technology Bi-Polar
    BP2X model speakers. I have owned my pair for about five years even before I bought my dvd player. It takes 10 watts to drive them and they can handle aproxx. 200 watts.
    Good luck.[​IMG]

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