Best surround match for my older Paradigm fronts

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by Larry Alan, Oct 29, 2003.

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    I'm rebuilding my old Pro logic HT setup. I have a new receiver, HK avr 230 and I would like to keep using my older (10yr.) Paradigm 5seMk3 floor standing fronts and the CC300 center. I want to upgrade the surrounds and eventually get a sub.

    My question is which surround speakers would best match my older Paradigms fronts? The room is small, 10'x13'The seating position is almost against the back wall. Viewing/ listening is accross the narrow 10' width. I presently have wall mounted speakers but would prefer to use stands, for whatever speakers I buy.

    Do I need to worry about closeness to rear wall if I use rear ported speakers, such as Atoms? Would bipoles be better in a small room? My new HK receiver allows different crossover setting for all speakers, so is it really important to use the same brand of speakers, especially since my older Paradigms probably don't have a match within their current line?

    My usage is 50/50 HT--Music. I like the Logic 7 on my HK receiver which uses all speakers for music, so I want the surrounds to be good for music as well as HT. My budget is $200-250 for the surrounds.

    There are lots of small bookshelf size speakers that seem to get good reviews, Atoms, Nht zeros, Axiom's, etc. I would appreciate opinions for my situation.

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    To use the Atoms as surrounds, you can plug the ports. This will reduce the output some, but will prevent them from becoming slighly boomy or muddy. They should work just fine with your SEs, since they do not need to be identical to your mains, but they Axioms and NHTs will not match well. Crossover has little to do with how the rears will blend with the mains.

    Minis are not a full range speaker.
  4. Stephen Hopkins

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    I would check ebay for some Mini MK3s or 3SE MK3s. The 3SE MK3s would be a perfect surround match for the 5SE MK3s because they are a bookshelf speaker w/ the same drivers. The Mini MK3s have the same tweeter but use a 6.5" mid/woofer. I used to have a system consisting of 5SE MK3 mains, 3SE MK3 surrounds and center, and Mini MK3 back surrounds. The 3SE MK3s may be a bit big for surrounds but you can usually find them for about the same on ebay as you would pay for a pair of attoms new, and the performance would be a big leap up. The Mini MK3s could be found for less on ebay than the Atoms new and would also be a big step up in performance w/out going with a much larger speaker.

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