Best Speaker Wall Mount Brackets?

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    I added some 8 lb surrounds over the weekend to my H.T. and used the ball & swivel type brackets I ordered from Parts Express© for around $19 for the pair. These are rated at 12 lbs but since Yesterday two have broken in the exact same spot!! It seems the ball is some type of cast metal and it is breaking into pieces! Good thing for the safety cable! So, I was just wondering what brand and what vendor has the best deals on these? Any suggestions? I need some that can mount on the 4 screws on the wire connection plate or via a threaded 3/8 stud mount in the back of the speaker.
    PS-Several years back I bought some quality ones with ball and sockets from Radio Shack©, these had the cable and a lever your turned to adjust the speakers, really quite nice for the price, while the Part's Express© version looks similar, their really is no comparison as far as the quality goes[​IMG]
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    If you want some nice, sturdy brackets for a nice price, go to I use their brackets to mount my Paradigm Mini-Monitors in the back as surrounds. They are well built and they allow for flexibility when it comes to positioning. Check em out!

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