Best Satelite Provider for lowest "basic cable" prices.

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    OK, my cable company just fux0r3d me and I am pissed off to hell.

    I have cancelled my cable video and cable modem service due to a fuck up on their end.

    For 3 years I have had cable modem and video service, even through the $15 in price increases I have stuck with them because the usage of the service has been fine.

    Today they do some kind of audit on the cable video and turn off almost every channel I have that I actually watch.

    I call them up to find out what is going on and they say I have been pirating cable, even though my bill says I pay $10 a month for basic cable, they say I "should have" been subscribed to limited basic, which is like 4 public access channels that I have no interest in watching. They seem to not give a fuck and basically told me to kiss off. Well, I am taking my business elsewhere.

    The high speed internet I can do without as I work for an ISP, get free dialup, and can use their connections at work.

    I haven't done Satelite for over 3 years and want to get just the basic stuff like all the news channels, discovery, history channel, nick, A&E and the like.
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    Check out the Audio/Video sources forums! This is not exactly an off-topic post here.
    I don't think the two DSS providers (Dish vrs Directv) are that different anymore in the basic plans, it's when you start to look at the packages, sports, etc that there may be a "better" one that the other. The basic ~$35/month plan
    aren't much different than each other, at least the last time I checked. Before the Nat. Geo channel wasn't available to Dish, but that has changed, OLN which does alot of.. actually 100% of the road cycling on DSS was available on a cheaper plan on Directv than Dish but whichever DSS you choose, you have to look at the channels per plan anyway.
    I have DishNetworks: "At Home" with just the AT150 package, no premiums and no locals, and I pay about $55/mo including the $5 add. receiver fee for 2 receivers. (a 501 PVR and a basic 301 receiver in a second room).
    I believe the basic AT50 includes all those channels you mention, Discovery, History, A&E, Nick and the AT100 includes Discovery Health but the AT150 includes a handful of Discovery channels, like Discovery Wings, Disc Science, Disc Civilization (not the PC game [​IMG]), as well as others.
    The AT100 and above also includes digital music too.

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