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  1. Jason Blaydes

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    Sep 11, 2001
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    just curious as to which progressive scan dvd player you guys think puts out the best video output for the money? i was looking at the jvc xv-d721bk earlier. i've read some reviews that said it's video quality is outstanding, but that it has alot of glitches that really make the player annoying and disliked. i also looked at the panasonic rp-91 too, but haven't found many reviews.
    so what progressive scan dvd player out there gives the best video output? peace [​IMG]
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    Here is a site that reviews several models of the latest progressive scan dvd players:
    According to their results from the last two shootouts:
    1. Camelot Roundtable
    2. EAD Theatervision P
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    I have not seen the JVC XV-S60(black) or65(gold) in action, but it has reviewed well. I didn't need a progressive, and got the 45, and it is just like the 65 minus PS. In passing, I saw it at www.dealtime.com for under $200.
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  5. Steve Schaffer

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    I just bought a JVC XVF80BK, which is a 7 disc changer version of XVS60. The "annoying glitches" involve the 3/2 pulldown modes, and don't really amount to anything worth worrying about. There are several de-interlacing modes--Auto, which relies on flags to tell the player whether the material is film or video based, Video 1 for mostly sationary video based pictures, Video 2 for video based material with a lot of movement, Film-which locks the player into 3/2 pulldown mode, and Smart which lets the player detect without flags.
    This player derives it's interlaced picture from it's de-interlaced picture (kinda weird), which means the pulldown errors and the resultant "combing" will appear on both the interlaced and progressive pictures.
    I don't have a progressive capable tv yet, but played with the machine all day yesterday. I set the pulldown mode to Film and watched several dvds. The only time I saw any combing was during the DTS trailer on American Werewolf in London, the one that shows the inside of a piano. I switched the pulldown setting to "smart" and tried it again--no combing.
    I paid $329 for my player at a BM, the XVS 60 was $249. I've seen both players online for $279 and 229 respectively.
    Having just had a Panny A-320 fail at about a year old, I just didn't trust the RP56. This is not a condemnation of Panasonic players by any means.
    JVC gives you picture control adjustments for Color, Tint, Contrast, Sharpness, and Gamma, and they really do something, unlike the similarly labelled controls on the A-320.
    If anamorphic downconversion is a factor, the JVC is better than the Panny, much smoother without the softness of the Sony players.
    I'm so impressed by the JVC that I am seriously considering a 480p capable tv, something I hadn't planned on buying for another 3 years or so.
    Steve S.
    I prefer not to push the subwoofers until they're properly run in.

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