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  1. David Nolan

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    Mar 9, 2002
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    i am looking to buy a new a/v receiver.
    i have been searching and reading and what-not for a month now and would like to make a purchase at the end of this week.
    the models i have narrowed it down to are: harman kardon avr-525, pioneer vsx-45tx and onkyo tx-sr800. of course i am still open to suggestions. [​IMG]
    anyway, the things i like about each are this: i have owned onkyo receivers before and never had a problem, thought they sounded good with my speakers and my wife and i both liked the remote - plus, it has a phono input. the harman kardon seems to have a warmer sound with similar speakers, which i like, and my wife likes the faceplate design, but neither of us like the remote - but, no phono input. the pioneer looks good, seems to have a well-laid out remote, has a phono input and their equalization feature gets all kinds of raves. however, i haven't heard it paired with speakers of like type as my own.
    now, the price is an issue too. the best prices i have found - and these are all e-tailers because no-one locally seems to price anything below msrp - are $633 for the 525, $784 for the 45tx and $830 for the sr800. the 45tx is probably my first choice, followed by the hk, then the onkyo.
    i am looking for the best deal out there, and even after all of this searching feel i haven't found it yet. any info or suggestions would be appreciated. thanks
  2. Steve Schaffer

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    Apr 15, 1999
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    I got the 45TX from Etronics, second lowest price but had better customer feedback. Paid circa $839 plus shipping. I was in a hurry so paid $90 for 2 day UPS from NY to CA. Arrived within 2 days, double boxed and in excellent condition.

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