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Discussion in 'Home Theater Projects' started by AndyGas, Mar 17, 2005.

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    Our home theatre room is about 9 foot wide by about 16 foot long (so, it's a sort of rectangular shape) The settee is placed in front of the window and the TV along the wall directly opposite. The centre channel speaker is on top of the TV set and the left and right speakers are on either side of the TV, on the TV unit.

    The rear speakers are on speaker stands either side of the settee (at ear level when sat down) The speakers themselves are pointed towards the television.

    The sub-woofer is on the floor (about a metre to the left of the TV unit)

    What's the best position for the speakers? Should the front left/right speakers be higher up and further apart? Should the subwoofer be a certain distance away from the viewing area?

    Sound is very good but it always feels unbalanced no matter what adjustments I make to the settings on the amplifier.

    Any advice would be very much appreciated.
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    It's all about trial and error, and finding what you like. There really isn't a "best place" for speakers. Just the place where you think they sound the best.

    But because you asked, I'd try raising the rear speakers about 2 feet above the seated ear level. For the front speakers, you didn't say but they should be at seated ear level. The best place for a center speaker IMHO is at the same ear level as the front left and right speakers. But for most of us, that put's it in the middle of the TV. You could try moving it to just below the screen.
    Hope this helps.

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