Best Places To Buy DVD's in Vancouver, BC region?

David Echo

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Mar 18, 2001
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Hi All,

I'm looking for some help from my fellow HTF-ers in the Vancouver, BC region. I recently moved to White Rock from Montreal and am looking for advice on where to go shopping for dvd's in the area. Montreal had at least 2 very good specialty stores (Metro Video & DVD Passion) that I visited often and I am wondering about any similar places in this area. Or am I better off shopping at Future Shop, etc. and ordering the more obscure discs online?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.



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Jul 30, 2003
David, I don't know about White Rock specifically, but my Vancouver DVD buying is divided between Future Shop,, and previously viewed at Rogers or BlockBuster. Preordering certain titles at amazon when they're 30% off, using one of the discount codes from this thread at DVD Talk forum, and getting free shipping often works out best.

Wayne Earl

Feb 3, 2002
Hi Dave ,
Welcome to Vancouver hope you are enjoying the cooking hot weather.Well this will be the definitive shopping guide to dvd's in Van. so listen up .In no particular order: Future shop - pro-good specials if you're patient ,twopacks for 23 bucks (A.I. & Minority Report for ex.) cons -new releases are pricey,pathetic foreign and obscure selection. Still a big chunk of my pre pawn shop collection were purchased there. A&B-pro- better selection with more obscure titles on release day, good sales, music titles -cons - harsh prices after initial sale price ,downtown van. is only good location. name)pro- over 16000 titles in stock,almost every criterion with new titles on hand early,shop on line or at store , the best sales bar none & they remind you by email, nobody even remotely close for broad selection. con's- no damn pricing on stock when shopping at store you have to look up prices on incredibly slow terminals ,gestapo aproach to customer service and returns. Pawn shops between Abbott and Cambie on Hastings pro's- 15 dollar new releases no tax, very nice Russian & Iranian people con- side stepping junkie's shooting up in the street and drug dealers, ethical grey zone. Quality music at Granville and Nelson pro -very good pricing on limited selection of new release and box set,kind of a pawn shop with tax, will wheel and deal-cons- hate that tax.
Well that`s the scene except for limited selection deal at Blockbuster & Rogers on used product. Vancouver is my beat don`t about the burgs Good Luck


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Jul 2, 2000
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I get all mine at FutureShop... usually the cheapest compared to everybody else with popular releases. And if you wait, most mainsteream titles will drop to below $20 in a few months.
Jul 31, 2002
Future Shop, A&B Sound and HMV in Langley are the best B&M locations near you (also near me). Release days is the best day to get anything at these locations, though HMV has a better selection of back catalogue titles (though their prices are a bit higher - and at Christmas, if you can't find something at A&B or FS, go to HMV in Langley - they almost always have the out-of-stock stuff the others don't).

Amazon.Ca gets a fair bit of my business, and I just ordered from FutureShop.Ca to get The Usual Suspects SE with the orange slip-cover (pretty good service and prompt, free UPS delivery). Hope that helps.

Edit: appears to be down; I've never used it, but its domain seems broken.

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