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Best option to hook up an X-box to an LT-150 projector? (1 Viewer)

Jason Harbaugh

Senior HTF Member
Jul 30, 2001
I have just decided to get one and am having trouble deciding how I want to connect it to the projector. Right now I have a 25' vga cable going out from my HTPC.
Option1: If I went the HD route I would need to get a vga to component cable but then I would either need to keep unplugging one vga cable and replacing it with the other or I could get a switch box. Would I be hurting picture quality with an A/B switch box? I could also send the component video through my receiver and then send it to the switchbox or lt150.
Option2: The other option is to use an s-video cable straight to the projector. Then I could just choose the source from the projector and leave it at that. But I don't know how good s-video looks. I could also run the s-video into my PC PVR card and use dscaler, I think.
So which is the best choice? The s-video would be the cheapest since I wouldn't need any switch boxes or break out cables. I just don't know what the video quality would be like.
Also if I need a breakout cable where would I buy one in person? I don't want to have to order it online but I will if that is the only place or if they over charge in person.
Thanks for any help.

Max Leung

Senior HTF Member
Sep 6, 2000
Take a look at this thread. It might help you come to a decision, although admittedly I cannot find any pricing or availability info. :frowning:

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