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    Nov 21, 2001
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    Being in college I have many friends who always ask what the best stuff for the money they can get is. I roll off tons of names and then prices. They obviously aren't going to spend their beer money on that. They always reply w/ well what's the best I can get at Best Buy, Circuit City and sometimes Sears. So and so works there and I might be able to get a discount. So what is the best stuff or best bang for your buck stuff you can get at these places? Which of their products are crap and which are actually solid buys? Let's hear some experiences and not bash other's experiences.

    Many would say the Kenwood 504 HT in a box and the Sony Sawm40 subwoofer are good buys. What about the JBL speakers or Velodynes subs? What about Polk subs, DCM speakers and the Sony Receivers. I'd like people's opinions, b/c this is the type of advice most people are looking for. I'm sure all of us started w/ something from these stores or are quite content w/ what we got from these stores. Let's share our knowledge for those of us at different stages.

    P.S. Not everyone is willing to order internet... yet.
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    It depends on their budgets. You can get an Onkyo 898 at CC with a nice infinity speaker package and a velodyne sub but it will take a lot of beer money [​IMG] . The best thing to do is find out what they are willing to spend and take it from there.
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    Well most here have given an opinion on something in one of those stores before, but here is my 2 cents (Hey I am stuck at work on New Years Day, you really think I'm going to work?)
    JBL NSP1 Speakers: Definately nice, but watch the price as they can be had for about $270 online. Right now $426+ tax on the bestbuy website.
    Kenwood 504DV or Kenwood HTB504
    The first one is an all in one with a 5 disc DVD changer and you know the other. Both are very nice, and can be a great one-liner solution to one of those "What should I buy?" questions.
    Onkyo Receivers TX-DS595 and Up
    No explaination needed
    DVD Players
    As they get better this list gets longer, but right now there are many out that J6P would be in hog heaven with. Hey and you might not even mind watching a movie on. Short List
    Pioneer DV 440
    Panasonic RV31K
    Panasonic RP56
    Panasonic RP91
    Sony NS700P
    And the list goes on and on...
    Look at the Velo's and the Sony SA WM40
    For big screens, look at them all, but that is a bit much for beer money.

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