Best new AV Receiver under $1,000-$1,500???

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  1. Paul Fa

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    Nov 6, 2001
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    Question to the collective: I have a Toshiba D2705 DVD five disk changer hooked via component output/input monster cable to a JVC AV 32D501 TV and an older 'regular' Sony integrated stereo system. It's time to upgrade the receiver at least to a current surround sound system and I'd like your opinion. I was thinking about the Harman Kardon AVR 7000 which gets absolutely fantastic reviews for sound quality etc., but miserable reviews in terms of build quality (see reviews at What is your experience? I have also read about problems between certain Yamaha receivers and the Toshiba DVD players so I might be a little leery there. I want good-great sound (but not above human hearing - the dogs bark at enuf stuff already), lots of inputs and outputs and good-great reliability - who provides it for under a grand or so???
    PS: I am not totally against separates, just would need them to fit the same buying criteria.
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  2. Peter Jessee

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    Sep 25, 2000
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    I'm a long-time fan of the Denon receivers, and currently use a AVR3300. The AVR3802 has tons of features, pretty good sound, and recently dropped to $1000 list. You can also get an AVR4800 for around that. It doesn't have DPLII, but it is a big step up in build and sound quality from the 3802.
    Also check out the Onkyo 898 at $1500 list but frequently discounted. Yamaha has some new models shipping soon, so they would be another possibility.
    The $1200 Rotel is down on features and power compared to the others, but has excellent stereo sound quality.
    My experience with the HK7000 matches your information - tons of power and great sound, russian-roulette quality control.
    Good Luck!
  3. Bob_A

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    Jul 30, 2000
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    You should look at the Yamaha RX-V1...which you might be able to find for $1500 street price.
    I wouldn't worry about having any major problems with Yamaha...they are consistently at the top in terms of reliability and/or build quality.
  4. Bobby T

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    Mar 13, 2001
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    I'll second the Denon
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  5. John Morris

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    Alot of good choices have been mentioned but I'll throw my personal favorite into the mix, and that is the Sherwood Newcastle R-963. If you can find one(they are brand new), you probably can get this for around $1500 or so. Check it out here:
    God Bless America!!!
  6. YANG

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    Feb 10, 1999
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    You may wanna take a little look at OUTLAW 1050 AV receiver...the current hot favorite among the forum members.
    I would suggest to you that to take a big look at SHERWOOD range of receivers,especially the NEWCASTLES which gives you the best bang for every bucks you spend.
    DENON products are quite impressive too,you can now enjoy DPL2 for less than US$1.2k.
    HARMAN KARDON? Just the name itself,will be very expensive to me!

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