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Best image from a dvd disc and digital projection (1 Viewer)

Jose Luis

Apr 8, 2002
Hello,friends.I'm trying to find someone with experience who helps me deciding the best choice.I have a Sony vpd mx 10 projector. How can I get the best image?

A/ HPTC with built in DVD, using dScaler image doubler program.

B/ An external DVD player connected to HTPC to be able to use dScaler,throug a SVHS connection.

C/A DVD connected to the projector, not using HTPC or dScaler.

What is the best way to interconnect?. The projector has a digital(DVI) input, a RGB input throug a 15 pin connector and a SVHS input.

Anyone has experience with dScaler? Is it really worth?

Is it not better a stright connection between DVD and projector without processing the image, as some people think?

If someone has experience I would thank very much.

Matt Stryker

Oct 12, 2000
Land of the rolling tide
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Option A will give you the best image. DScaler is suitable for scaling Laserdisc, SVHS, game console, and VHS input; it should not be used for DVD.
Here is a detailed look at the specs for your projector: http://www.projectorcentral.com/proj...m?part_id=1423
Your projector's native resolution is 1024x768, so a straight DVD player to projector is going to require some scaling on the projectors part (DVD is 848x480), and most lower end projectors do not scale well. If you do choose to simply get a DVD player, try the Panasonic RP56.
I would strongly recommend an HTPC. Your projector does not list a 16x9 mode, so it will need something to put the full 480 lines into the 16:9 window; an HTPC will do that perfectly. The choice of whether to use DVI or VGA between the HTPC is not as clear cut. DVI cables tend to be fairly short (the signal cannot travel long distances without a repeater) and so if you need to mount your projector away from the HTPC, you should probably stick with a nice shielded VGA cable.
An HTPC will also allow you to watch (and properly convert) NTSC or PAL discs from any region. Since you are in Europe, that may be an extremely desirable feature, and with HTPC it is free.

Westly T

Second Unit
Oct 5, 1999
HTPC's will produce the best picture. I compared the Panasonic RP56 to a HTPC and the HTPC picture was much better. Images were blurred, dull, and overall not as good on the RP56 when compared to a HTPC with a Radeon 7500. This is not to say the RP56 doesn't have a good picture, as it has a very good picture for a DVD player in it's price range, but the HTPC was definitely better. I was using a XGA Sharp projector, 2200 ANSI lumens, on a 156" (4/3) projection. I'm not sure I'd notice much difference on say a 32" screen, but it was very apparent on the big screen.

Hugh M

Second Unit
Dec 31, 2001
I use zoomplayer with the cibneplayer filters (ATI DVD, same thing) and on my Panasonic AE-100 projector the results are wonderful.
if you have an ATI video card you can use the ati DVD software which will allow zoom to use those filters for playback. They are also known as cineplayer filters.
If you use WinXP you can purchase a DVD filter pack from cyberlink or ravisent (cineplayer) for only $10.00. This will also allow zoomplayer to use these filters.
there is a zoomplayer startup guide, which is a little advanced, at the site in my signature.

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