Best "Hassle-Free" ~42" (<$2k) HDTV for Parents?

Discussion in 'Displays' started by Tim Holyoke, Aug 4, 2006.

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    My parents have finally decided they want to get rid of their old 32" CRT and get an HDTV.

    The thing is, they really don't want to hassle with little things going wrong all the time with it. Reading multiple threads here and on AVS, it seems just about every set has a little issue now and then:

    DLP RP - rainbow effect, bulb failure, fan noise.
    Plasma - burn-in, very costly replacement, too reflective of glass surface.
    LCD - poor viewing angles, motion-blur, costly repair.

    Maybe all of those aren't really issues, but it's just that you read about people with little problems more than those without any issues?

    They don't want a CRT (size/weight), and want something they can set in/on an entertainment center.

    Is fan noise really an issue with any of these?

    Burn-in on plasmas?

    Are repairs REALLY that common?

    They just want something that is going to be reliable and give them at least 5+ good years. Would like to keep cost below $2k for about a 42" set, would go down to 37" or up to 46".

    Is there a utopia in that price range?

    Any help and suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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    Michael Chen

    Plasma units at the 42" size no longer have fans. A Panasonic would be fine. Just tell them to not use the 4:3 mode for about 2 months ...

    No plasma can withstand the abuse of continuous 4:3 use.

    RP digital sets be they LCD or DLP or LCOS all have back end bulb costs.

    Fan noise on RP units is negligible.

  3. Chris V

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    what do you mean "can't withstand 4x3 mode"?

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