Best entry DVD player from Best buy or Sears? (is it possible to find a good one?)

Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by Grady Hollums, Dec 22, 2003.

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    I am helping some church members get into the DVD world and they asked me to help them find a good entry DVD player, but after doing some serious research I found that the best entry DVD players (Kenwood 6050 and/or Mits 8040) you can not get at a best buy or Sears, and they are not willing to buy online, so does anyone have suggestions? Thanks!

    here are the ones that Sears and Best buy offer (@ least on-line and honestly I have no idea what they offer locally)

    Best buy DVD players


    Sears DVD players

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    I think the basic brands are Toshiba, Sony, Samsung, JVC, Panny, Phillips, Mits, Pioneer, RCA, Zenith, and Yamaha.

    I honestly have no idea if they have an HD capably TV or not, and if they need a 5 disc DVD player, but I figured I could lean on my old faithful few HTFers to help me out, Thanks!
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    I just picked up the Panasonic S25 from Best Buy for $80.00 for my dad. All he needs is a good entry-level player for his standard 4:3 TV. Panasonics have been known to have the best all-around downconversion (although this player is progressive too). I have the RV31 in my bedroom -- similar model -- and have been happy with it.

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