best DVD players for 1k?

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    Well I brought back my 45a in hopes of finding a better DVD player. Not that anything was wrong with the 45a. But, I came into some unexpected money and want to buy a better one. I'm looking for great video quality. I was looking at the 47AI but I here that has the chroma bug. I want to know what else their is in that price range. The SACD/DVDA is nice but, something I don't think I will really use. So I was wondering if Denon, Panny or any others have good players in this range. Preferably NO chroma bug, progressive scan of course and what other features you think make a strong DVD player.

    Thanks Matt
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    Dave Moritz
    You might be able to get a good deal on the Sony DVP-S9000ES DVD/SACD player since it is being replace by a model that does 5.1 SACD. I have also heard that the Phillips DVD recorder is also a progressive scan player and has a Frujia chip in it. You might want to check that one out as well? I bought my 9000ES as a open box for $799 including a 10 yr extended warrenty. And I also got a new remote since the store could not find the original remote. The Denon dvd's are also very nice players and they utalize a Silicone Graphics Chip in there players.
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    Matt, these days, most DVD players in the $1000 range offer either DVD-Audio or SACD or both. Here are some worthy candidates, aside from Dave's proper suggestion of the Sony 'S9000ES:
    * Sony DVP-NS999ES: Replacement to the 'S9000ES. The 'NS999ES is not built to the same standard as the 'S9000ES (gone is the copper chassis and it's lighter), but it still is an impressive machine. Progressive-scan output is likely better than the 'S9000ES given the relative age of the predecessor. Sony players generally show the chroma bug, but I don't think they are necessarily bad offenders. Opinions vary in this area, and detection of the chroma bug with any player tends to be user- and display-specific.
    On the audio side, the 'NS999ES offers multi-channel SACD playback, while the 'S9000ES does just stereo SACD. A plus is that the 'NS999ES (and 'S9000ES) offers a detachable power cord. For more information, go to . You should be able to get the 'NS999ES discounted through Oade Bros. (1-229-228-0093 or 1-229-228-4480), J&R Music World (1-800-221-8180), or OneCall (1-800-340-4770).
    * Denon DVD-3800: Generally goes for $1200, but you may be able to get it for less through (call the toll-free number on the web site). The '3800 is a progressive-scan DVD-Audio player. The '3800 looks great on paper, but unfortunately, it has been plagued by the chroma bug as well as playback issues that seemingly affected early units. Denon has issued a software-based firmware upgrade to address the chroma bug, and reviews of this upgrade appear to the be favorable. Later-production units are probably shipping with the new version of firmware, but don't quote me there. Despite the issues mentioned with the '3800, it is worth a look and listen. See for more on this player as well.
    * Pioneer Elite DV-47Ai: A universal player (DVD-Audio and SACD). It's predecessor, the '47A, received mixed reviews, especially with respect to SACD playback, but the '47Ai appears to be better based on reviews I have read. One thing that has not changed is the build quality. Like the '47A, the '47Ai does not show build quality commensurate with the $1000 price tag, in my opinion. That does not necessarily mean that the '47Ai is a bad performer. I would just like to see better build quality at this price point. Note that the '47Ai has a firewire port for digital output of SACD and DVD-Audio, but it only works via a proprietary connection interface with the Pioneer Elite VSX-49TXi receiver.
    * Yamaha DVD-S2300: A forthcoming universal player. The early word is that it is based on the Pioneer Elite '47A/'47Ai. If true, Yamaha could still have implemented some changes to the internal design. The 'S2300 will sell for around $1000 and should be out soon.
    * Onkyo DV-SP800/Integra DPS-8.3: Both are universal players. The 'SP800 lists for $1000, and has it in stock. The '8.3 lists for $1200, but I don't think it is out quite yet. The two players are similar, but the Integra unit purportedly offers some internal upgrades in typical Onkyo-to-Integra fashion. Both players offer Faroudja deinterlacing.
    That's a list of players I'd be looking at in the $1000 range. Hope this helps somewhat. Admittedly, I have only limited hands-on experience with any of these players, as I have not been in the market for one. My brother has the Sony 'S9000ES, and it is a wonderful machine. You may still be able to get the 'S9000ES at a greatly reduced price.
    Oh, one other player to consider, but it will not be out until early 2003, is the Philips DVD-963SA. I started a thread here recently on this player, so do a search. The '963SA is loaded with features, and J&R Music World is taking pre-orders for $400 (list price is $500). On paper, at least, the '963SA looks like a killer piece. It supposedly will offer the latest Faroudja deinterlacer (FL2310), upsampling of CDs to 24/192, a toroidal power supply, a detachable power cord (though probably not an IEC-type cord), and SACD playback (stereo and multi-channel).

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