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    Hey all,

    Im looking for a new DVD player for under $500. I know the Panasonic RP-82 is a great choice for video, but I also want audio quality too. Ive spent good money on both audio and video systems and want a DVD player to go with it.

    I have a JVC XV-S65 player. It does a really good job and looks fantastic. My TV is a Panasonic 47wx49 and I love it. Very tweakable and looks great. The only thing is my JVC player renders a few movies in the middle of the screen. No scaling feature and TV cant zoom well either. I bought the Sony 755v and it looked good, though the JVC played smoother. The Sony sounded sooo much better though. The reason I gave up the Sony was that it stretched some movies all the way across the screen and the JVC didn't..either played them in the middle or played it correctly.

    So brings me to my point. I don't want just a good looking DVD player, but a good sounding one too. Any suggestions?
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    Sean, consider the Denon DVD-1600. Crutchfield and brick-and-mortal stores typically sell it for $500, but , an authorized dealer, is said to sell it for less. Get their phone number off the web site, as you have to call for the lower price. In any event, the '1600 is a single-disc, progressive-scan player that also offers DVD-Audio playback. It has gotten high marks on this site and others for both its audio and video performance. It does not show the chroma bug, which is a big plus.
    Another player to consider is the Panasonic DVD-RP91. It too is a single-disc, progressive-scan player with DVD-Audio playback. The 'RP91 may be available for around $500 from authorized mail-order dealers like J&R Music World (1-800-221-8180) or OneCall (1-800-340-4770). The 'RP91 has also garnered high praise here, and like the '1600, it doesn't show the chroma bug. Do a search here for both players for more information. Also, check for good information on these players. Note that Crutchfield's prices are high.
    If you are interested in SACD, you might look at the Sony DVP-NS900V, which is a step-up model from the 'NS755V you tried. The 'NS900V is being discontinued, so you may be able to find it in your price range (no replacement has been announced). Check OneCall, J&R Music World, and Oade Bros. (1-229-228-0093 or 1-229-228-4480). Oade Bros. is another authorized dealer, and they usually have excellent prices. The 'NS900V shows the chroma bug, but I have read many good comments about it here. However, I don't know if it will show the "stretching" problem that the 'NS755V did. Check Crutchfield's web site for more information on the 'NS900V as well.
    Best of luck.

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