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Best DVD Player <$1k ? (1 Viewer)

Chris DiPetta

Sep 15, 2000
I'm dumping my Sony DVP-NS700P. It's not really an image quality problem for me, as much as the crappy responsiveness, and buggy nature of the unit.

DVD's play fine(though FF and RW are jerky and delayed), but audio CD's(those with very minor scratches) and especially CD-R's cause the unit to skip uncontrollably or lock up altogether. Forget about VCD's in this POS.

I guess I shouldn't judge a unit by weight alone, but it behaves like you would expect a 3 pound player would.

Also, DVD menu's are REALLY slow to respond.

My 4 year old Pioneer DVL-909 LD/DVD player is FAR faster to respond to commands, and I'm sure it'll play a CD-shaped piece of cardboard if I put it in. It always plays cd-r's and vcd's without a hitch. In fact, if the thing had progressive component out's, I think it would be everything I needed.

Anyway, my display is a Sony 53" HS10, and the heart of my system has recently gone from the H/K AVR 85 to a new Pioneer VSX-49TX(awesome, IMHO...what a turnaround for Pioneers recievers).

I'm looking for a well built DVD player, with good responsiveness(and DVD-A would be nice, but not a must).

I've considered the Toshiba 9200, with I can pick up for $540. That seems like a hell of a bargain for such a tank, that was $2k not long ago. I know about the potential noisy transport issue(so the extended warranty is a must), but it still seems like a great deal.

Oh great DVD guru's, please share your thoughts with me, and put out the fire of this money burning a hole in my pocket.


Stunt Coordinator
Jan 23, 2001
Hey Chris,

I bought the Toshiba sd9200 a couple of months ago and couldn't be happier with it. I have not experienced the transport and hope I don't,lol.

I can't comment on the progressive output, I have an analog set. But the interlaced quality is top notch. The audio side of the player is also excellent, it holds its own against my Sony '333es. The build quality is second to non, this thing is a tank!

Jason at Onecall gave me a great deal on the unit and for the price you can find it for online I think it's a steal.

Good luck, I'm sure others will chime in with their thoughts and opinions.


Al B. C

Supporting Actor
Apr 25, 2002
I've got a 9200 as well and love the crap out of it.

I haven't had any transport problems either (knock on wood). Man,$540 sounds like a whale of a deal, I paid about $700 eight months ago.

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