Best Buy Cools on HD Discs


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Sep 22, 2006
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From the trade magazine's online website:

The gist of it is consumer confusion over the "format War". According to the article, a lot of folks are simply waiting things out.
“Customer response due to the format war is so muted that it is not even a factor for us,” spokesperson Brian Lucas said. “There are people who had to have either one or both when they came out, but most people are sitting on the sidelines to see how this plays out.”

I'm still going to get the HD add on for the Xbox 360, but that will be the only commitment I'll make until the format war has subsided. Either there will be one disc to rule them all, or one player to play them both.

I figure whichever one "wins" , the loser's stuff will still play for years, but I don't want to put any real money into players yet, so the HD add on for the Xbox is a no brainer.


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Sep 13, 1999
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Chris Caine
Yes, the console players are the safest bets.


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May 1, 2004
I would disagree with this statement.

I think maybe Best buy has cooled on the players but I was at a Best Buy in Vegas and they had a really nice section laid out for "Next Generation Media" which included both HD DVD's and Blu Ray disks all laid out very nicely in alphabetical order.

I was actually quite impressed with the display, seemed to me to be better organized than I have seen it previously and actually looked very inviting from a consumer perspective.

One thing I did note was that King Kong - a significant showcase title IMHO - had to be gotten from the back as they didn't have any copies out for sale. Either it had sold very well and this was a new shipment that had not been released yet or they weren't regularly stocking the HD shelves. Not sure which.

Prices were higher than Amazon - about $22 to 29 per title, combos being about $37 - but otherwise not a bad selection.


Ed St. Clair

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May 7, 2001
This should be in the HD Hardware Forum.
Yeah, HD Disc standalone's haven't sold a million players all year, while SD DVD players sell over a million a week.


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Feb 24, 2000
Sonora Norte
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Neither of which should be surprising AT ALL to Best Buy. If they honestly thought that they'd be selling a large number of either Blu-ray or HD-DVD players at this point in the game then the powers that be at the company need to go back to retailing school. In addition, early adopters are on the whole a pretty savvy bunch. We know that we can purchase players AND software for less online than BBs prices and guess what? Most of us do just that.

All in all I'd say that any disappointing numbers seen by Best Buy are due just as much to their own botched roll out of these new HD formats as they are to high prices and people "sitting out the format war".

David Wilkins

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Jul 5, 2001
I'm begining to think that there isn't going to be enough market penetration for EITHER format to "win", until players and discs are in the same price range as SD players and discs. I don't think that the general public will be in the mood to pay premium prices for risk taking; at minimum, I think they're going to have to feel that they're "getting more for the same", so far as expense.

Also, I think it's very possible that the average consumer might be much slower at taking a bite...simply because they're confused...never mind the price and risk factor. Could be that the lords of both HD and BD, are going to sense this problem sooner than later. Perhaps it's going to be a matter of stepping back from high-def formats altogether, or quickly adopting universal players.

I suspect that the last of all possibilities, would be another Laser Disc kind of specialty market, with a limited range of success.

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Jun 13, 2004

Well today I was at BB and I heard a customer ask one of the men in blue about Blue Ray, he then asked about HD. The man in blue gave him the normal speech about each format. When he was done customer asked how much the discs were. The follow up question was "Well how much better do the blue ones look for $5-10 more each?" Man in blue didnt have much to say...

The point is we here on this board are part of a niche buying group. The every day consumer has to really be sold on these two formats. Lets not forget most people don't even have HD TV's yet, so until HD TV's are the norm HD and Blue Ray are a long long way off.

With that in mind, I LOVE MY 360 HD-DVD PLAYER

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