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David Norman

Oct 12, 2001
Charlotte, NC
Not that it matters much at this point, but you weren't kidding it was about to start. You must have posted minutes before the prices started going live. I had about a dozen things sitting in my wish list ready to add to the cart and you could see the prices and COMING SOON button, then a couple ADD TO CART buttons turned on -- added The COnjuring, WWZ 3D, Gatsby 3D to the cart and kept waiting and waiting for Pacific Rim 3D to go live. It like forever, but it did, I clicked and checked out at 2:45 EST,It wasn't long after when people started reporting things going OOS,I had about given up on this and Walmart sales, but WM went live just a few minutes before so made a couple orders there, hit BBY.com breathed deeply and went to bed.Just got shipping notice for BBY order as well.For those interested in some of teh Walmart Blurays, if you can find the movie you're interested in on the regular shelf, the prices are currently live (apparently except for MAMA). You can't get the Special Pallets of BF movies, but you can get the rest if it's stocked and an employee doesn't confiscate your movies at checkout (several reports going around). Self Checkout makes it safer if you don't have to worry about those security coffins.

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