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Best Buy and Future Shop Rear Proj HDTV's for sale. (1 Viewer)

Chris PC

Senior HTF Member
May 12, 2001
I'm a front projector guy myself, primarily because when I went shopping for an HDTV display, I found that they were $2499 to $3000 CAD and up to $4000 for RP HDTV's with roughly 47" to 53" diagonal screens.

If you have lots of ambient light and/or you must have a RPTV, I thought this looked like it had potential. Best Buy has a 53" HDTV for sale, the Panasonic PT53WX54 on sale on Boxing day for $1599.99 CAD. If you absolutely must get a TV, thats a big TV for $1839.99 after taxes.

Is the PT53WX54 a good TV?

Too bad they aren't having sales like this on the front projectors. Of course, Future Shop selling the PT-AE500 for $2999.99 CAD vs their "normal" $3999.99 is a real sale for them....lol...

Kirk Patrick

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Feb 25, 2002

that is last years model being closed out i believe

go here: http://www.bestbuy.ca/catalog/subcla...=0&catid=21352

select each model and click _compare_

it appears that the difference is this:

wx doesn't upconvert to 540, it only line-doubles to 480P

wx doesn't have automatic convergence so you would have to converge manually..since i don't know how good automatic convergence is vs. manual, i'm not sure how much of a drawback this is?

wx has more total speaker power (20 vs 15) (which is probably why it weighs more)

my first criteria for purchase is dvd playability, i would be interested to know whether dvd's look better simply line doubled to 480P vs upconverted to 540P which would add artifacts to the picture...with the 53X54 you can upconvert to 1080i but many people don't like the look of dvd's at 1080i and prefer them at 540P...do they look even better if just doubled to 480P ??

anybody have any comments?

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