Best Blu Ray for DVD Upscaling???

Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by rjones02, Nov 28, 2009.

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    Next to the OPPO, which player would you guys say has the best SD DVD video upconversion of these players?

    LG BD390
    Samsung 3600
    Panasonic BD80

    Is the OPPO's upscaling that much better????

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  2. gene c

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    S & V mag tested the LG 370, Panasonic 60 and Samsung 1600-the lesser of the models you're asking about-in the 09/09 issue and found the Panasonic to have the best video performance. Not sure if that translates to the upper models as well.

    The OPPO should be better at up-scaling than the ones you asked about. It does have a better video chip in it. That's one of the reasons it's twice as expensive as those.

    But unless you compare them side-by-side you probably wouldn't be able to tell. Like anything else, get the best you can afford and don't look back.
  3. MichaelEl

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    The Panasonic BD60/80 models exhibit random freezing with Blu-Rays, so I would be wary of those. It's likely that any of the major brands is going to offer pretty much the same upscaling capability at a given price point, so the only real differences are probably build quality and reliability.
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    Are you dissatisfied w/ your HD display's own upconversion? If not, I wouldn't worry too much about it on the player side.

    Yeah, I can see the (mostly small) diff between my PS3's upscaling and my Samsung DLP's upscaling (w/ playback from my Denon at 480p), but most times, I haven't cared that much -- if I cared that much for certain titles, I'd just upgrade to BD anyway (unless it's not available in Blu yet). It's not like slightly better upscaling will suddenly turn a crappy DVD transfer into HD quality -- not that all DVDs are crappy of course.

    Most of the quality HD displays out there now should do a decent job of upscaling, if not quite up to par w/ the best upscaling players. And depending on your exact display, it may still force some degree of its own conversion anyway due to its own native resolution requirement.

    Having said all that, I'd suggest considering a PS3 instead if the quirks (along w/ other side benefits) that come w/ it doesn't bother you. But if you really do need the multichannel analog out, then I'd probably opt for the Panny BD80 (by a hair) myself out of that batch. I just don't trust LG and Samsung enough yet for BD players although there are apparently some complaints about the Panny's lately as well.

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    I previously owned a LG DVD player and a large LG flatscreen CRT television during the SD era

    neither of these gave me any problems, and gave me confidence in the brand, so I picked up a great deal on a LG370 Blu-Ray player and LG 32" 1080P this time around

    apart from 1 firmware update on the Blu-Ray player, both have been hassle free and running sweet with quick load times, good PQ and such a subtle facia design on the BD-370 its almost unnoticeable whilst watching a movie

    I'm now looking into a HDMI receiver / AMP and 5.1 speaker package to complete my system - any budget recommendations would be gratefully received (i live in an apartment in a block, so am not after huge power output or bass)

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