Best 57" and up HDTV for pure DVD

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    In my area we only get one channel of HD so I'm not too concerned with how HD looks now. My main concern is pro. scan DVDs. What is the best 57-65" set?? I can only buy the set at Best Buy or Circuit City so keep that in mind. Right now the instore Panasonics look really good. To me the Mitsu's are just way too grainy. I was watching spiderman and was appaled. Thanks for any input!
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    If price is a consideration, then the Panny's make excellent choices. However, you might find others to be better w/ regular TV viewing and non-anamorphic letterboxed DVDs. For non-anamorphic DVDs, using a player w/ scaling/aspect ratio control like the JVC's and Toshiba's will help. The Panny RP-91 also does this. You should see for yourself how such DVDs look, if you expect to watch a lot of them.

    Also, the Panny's do not yet come w/ DVI/HDCP input, so that's something else to consider if you're concerned about future-proofing the TV for HD content. You might want to wait until the summer for the new Panny's to come out w/ DVI/HDCP input.

    FWIW, I bought the Panny 53" last December and love it. A lot of other new owners love theirs also. Still shopping for a progressive scan player w/ top video quality and scaling/aspect ratio control though.


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