Best 42" Or Above Widescreen HDTV For Under $2000?

Discussion in 'Displays' started by Rich Romero, Jul 23, 2005.

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    OK, I'm looking to upgrade my TV sometime in the near future. I'm looking for a 42 inch widescreen at the very least and I'm willing to spend no more than $2,000. Around $1,500 would be preferred if I can get something good around that price. What do you all recommend?
  2. Brian W. Ralston

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    Brian W. Ralston

    I have a similar question and I have narrowed my options down to 2. One of the new Sony 42" 42A10 3LCD rear Projection widescreen HDTV. It will sell for $1999. I have seen the new 52" of this same line and it look spretty good. But I am waiting to compare it to the new LG/Zenith 44" DLP that is just coming out this week as well. The Ken Cranes near me will get them in next week so they tell me. Supposedly this new LG is one of the best they have ever made and rivals the Samsung DLPs. It will also sell for around $2000.

    So...I am waiting to see the Sony and the LG/Zenith side by side. Since they are both competing technologies...I have narrowed it down to these two for me based on my budget & space considerations.

    I am leaning toward the DLP. And today, the Sony unfortunately did NOT impress me in its upscaling of a standard definition 480i image although it looked amazing with an HD image.

    Also...both have the same overall width of 39.x inches. But the Sony is a 42" diagonal and the LG is a 44" diagonal.
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    Can you live with a CRT-RPTV or does it have to be a slimmer technology. If you can live with CRT-RPTV their are lots of choices under $2K, up to 65 inch.

    If you want something slimmer, the Sony plasma KE42-M1 is still around in a few places and is an excellent plasma. From 8 feet or more it will look like the best HD plasma available.

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