Best 36" NTSC TV under $1200?

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Jason Price, Sep 6, 2001.

  1. Jason Price

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    Sep 16, 1998
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    I'm in the market to replace my current 27" tv and want a good 36" set. The most I can spend is $1200. Features I'd like:
    - S-video (front would be nice, but not important)
    - Composite video
    - excellent picture (duh)
    - Squeeze trick (not absolute, but a big plus)
    - 4x3 ratio
    Can't really think of what else right now. Viewing is probably 60/40 DirecTV (soon to be DirecTIVO) to DVD. Audio quality is not important, as it will be hooked through a HT setup. Flat screen would be nice, but not absolutely necessary. Local availability would also be a plus (Minneapolis area).
    I've seen the 36" Sony Wega FS12 locally for $999, but I understand that's an old model. Is that still a good buy? If I were to go with a Wega, should I look at newer models instead? Should I go with something other than a Wega?
    Any advice/input would be appreciated.
  2. Tom Weeks

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    Sony 36 FS12 has a reported problem of white bars running through DVD picture when DVD is hooked up via composite input and satellite is hooked up via s-video hookup. There is a fix for this, but getting them to do it is the trick.

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