Best 32" TV for Under $650

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    I recently had a fire in my house and lost everything. The only good thing that came of this is that I can update my entire system. I must point out that this is just a bedroom TV and will not be connected for Home Theater. That is my 56H80 which I might repurchase or update as well. Can anyone please suggest the best 32" TV for less than $650? Thanks for any advice.
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    Sorry to hear about the fire. [​IMG]
    Hard to say. I'd get a good 27" before I got an average 32", personally. I have a 27" Panasonic Tau in the bedroom, and it's picture quality is superior to my 32" WEGA, though the Tau lacks many of the nice features of the WEGA.
    For 32" in that price range, I might say the non-Tau Panasonics.
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