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Discussion in 'Computers' started by NickSo, Mar 12, 2004.

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    Nick So
    Is there any software out there that'll run a full benchmark and tests on my laptop to make sure the battery, hard drive, RAM, etc are in good condition? I bought it refurbed, so i wanna make sure the battery holds a decent charge, and that everything is in good condition...

    How is SiSoft Sandra?
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    SiSoft Sandra is an excellent choice, but I don't believe it can help you with the battery. I've setup the Burn-in settings and left it running for 24 hours to beat the crap out of an old system -- which held up by the way [​IMG]

    The best I've done, without much thought really, was to:
    1) Fully charge the battery
    2) Boot to DOS/Bios (don't want anything using the disk)
    3) Leave machine unplugged
    4) Repeat 3-4 times and then time how long it stays up

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