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Jan 13, 2007
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Posting bootleg sites is prohibited here:

5. Respect for copyrights. Home Theater Forum has a strict policy of respecting the rights of copyright holders. We do not allow promotion of bootleg material or discussion on how to obtain it, and we immediately delete all links to sites that deal in bootleg material. If you have any doubt whether a source is legitimate, please check with a moderator before posting any links. We also do not allow discussion of (a) how to make unauthorized copies of video or audio materials, (b) how to defeat any form of copy protection (including, for example, how to make "personal" copies of commercially produced DVDs), and/or © how to obtain equipment that can only be used for such purposes. In one form or another, this rule goes back to the very origins of HTF. We are serious about it. Please do not try to debate copyright law with us. We're not interested in discussing what the law should be. Public discussion about copyright law is allowed as long as it doesn't violate any portion of this or any other site rule. We believe it is in the best interest of HTF to enforce this policy strictly, and members test it at their peril.
I apologize. Just trying to be helpful.

Neil Brock

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Apr 29, 2009
I recorded all of mine from WNBC in the mid-80s when they ran the show Mon-Fri at 2:30AM. But it also ran on quite a few other stations around the country as well as CBN and Nostalgia Channel. So there were numerous ample opportunities to get the show if one were so inclined. For some reason, WNBC didn't air several episodes but I easily was able to pick them up in trade from other markets.

As for the availability, I'm sure CBS would be happy to sell it to anyone who was willing to pay for the transfers to a modern format, like they did when ME-TV bought Our Miss Brooks, and Trackdown.

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