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    I would like to purchase a a dvd player with progressive scan and VCD playback below $200. A multiregion capability would be preferable although not essential.

    However, I do not know if the TV should support progessive scan capability for it to be fully functional. I am getting a 27 inches TV with flat tube. Hence if the progressive scan dvd player will not give any improvements, then I would not need the progressive scan capability.

    Would you please help me getting a new dvd player and where to buy it? I am a newbie and getting my first HT setup.

    Thank you so much for your help.

    nb: pardon my language as English is a second language for me.
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    Welcome to the brave, new world that is Home Theater

    The progressive feature found in some DVD players may only be used with a digital television (either EDTV or HDTV). If you are using a standard analog set and don't plan on getting a new tv in the next year or so then don't worry about the progressive feature.


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