Behringer Ultra curve Pro? Any information?

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    Jan 20, 2001
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    I meant to ask about the Ultra Q parametric EQ. I'm looking for a parametric to use with my sub. Has anyone used the Ultra Q? Does anyone have any information on this unit?
    What if it gets no better than this!?!
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  2. Zbigniew

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    Jan 8, 2000
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    There is a very nice writeup on Ultracurve pro at:
    I am seriously considering using one of this together with 1-2 BFD (1 for subs, 1 for rears, UCpro for fronts) as cheapo room control system.
    Does anyone know if Behringer measurement mike ($80) can be used with ETF5?
    Also, for all Behringer fans - as a result of Behringer dropping prices across the board, Guitar Centers have sale on different Behringer gear.
    Happy shopping.
  3. BruceD

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    Apr 12, 1999
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    I believe the Ultracurve only has 4 parametric filters per L&R channel vs. the BFD 12 parametric filters per L&R channel. So it depends on how many peaks you need to tame, 4 may not be enough.
    ETF has an allowance for a mic compensation file, but you need the mic's response curve (a table of frequency response deviations in db from flat as well as phase deviations at each frequency) in a text format to load it into ETF.
    If Behringer provides that calibration file with the UlraCurve product or on their website, then you will also need a mic-pre-amp to preamplify the mic's output before it goes to the line input of the soundcard on your PC.
    You could also use the RCA output of the RS SPL meter to the PC soundcard line-level input and it's correction curve (available somewhere here in the archives).
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