behringer 1500 or nady XA-1100 or other suggestions?

Discussion in 'Home Theater Projects' started by KaronnyF, Mar 21, 2004.

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    I decided to go for a PA amp. Now I have two in mind unless you have other suggestions. The behringer Europower 1500 or nady XA-1100. budget is around $300US.

    both are at the same price. Behringer is rated 1400W at 4 ohm bridged, the nady 1100W.

    In the 'Musicians friend' website the behringer has very good ratings. The ratings for the nady is relatively poor. The Nady however has a decent reputation here. But the Behringer is hardly mentioned here, but it receives so many ratings in the website. strange, anyone know of large PA forums where I can search for more peoples opinions?

    Or should I just play it safe and go for the QSC RMX850, which provides little headroom with 840W.
    can someone give me advice or their experiences.
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    I used to have a QSC RMX 1450, but sold it and now have a Behringer EP2500 (the 1500's big brother)

    Both are outstanding amps, and both puts out their true rated power. The only downside is the loud fan's both had.

    However, the Behringer is cheaper and puts out more power, therefore IMO it is a better deal. I have even heard that the Behringer amps are clones of the QSC RMX series. However, the faceplate of the Behringer is kind of cheesy looking, so if asthetics are extremely important, you may want to pass it up.

    Otherwise I would really reccomend getting the EP2500 over the EP1500 as it is only 50 dollars more and puts out almost 1000 more watts.

    Here's a review of the EP2500:

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