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Discussion in 'Beginners, General Questions' started by Kevin*H, Jan 6, 2004.

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    I would like to know the best way to cable the following JVC products to create a home theater system:

    Rear projection TV (Comp/S-Vid/Compos)
    AV Receiver (Comp/S-Vid/Compos)
    DVD (Component)
    Satellite Receiver (S-Video)
    VCR (Composite)

    NB. The diagrams in the manual for the AV receiver seem to suggest that the audio outputs for the Monitor and satellite fit into the same TV sound/DBS input of the AV receiver. This appears to be physically impossible but I am also convinced that I am missing something blindingly
    Could I connect the DVD, Sat & VCR directly to the TV and
    then run the audio from the TV to the AV receiver?.

    Any help appreciated!
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    For best video:
    DVD - Component cable from dvd to tv component input.
    SATELLITE RECEIVER - s-video to tv s-video input.
    VCR - composite to tv composite video input (yellow rca cable).

    For best audio:
    DVD - Either digital coaxial or optical cable to dvd input on A/V receiver.
    SATELLITE RECEIVER - if DD, use the optical cable to DBS/TV input on A/V receiver. If not DD, use composite cables (red & white rca cables), to DBS/TV L/R audio inputs on A/V receiver.
    VCR - use composite (red & white rca cables) to vcr L/R audio inputs on A/V receiver.

    You'll need to go into dvd setup and enable the output for the component video and will probably have to turn on the dts output. It needs to be set for bitstream, not pcm..........
    If sat is DD, you'll need to setup for digital output in sat's setup too.
    In the receiver's setup menus, you'll need to enable the inputs for what you have hooked up.

    It sounds harder than it is..........Just use your manuals and common sense, and you should be ok........Good luck!

    If you run into problems, post back here again..........

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