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Before I purchase, got questions?

Discussion in 'Home Theater Projects' started by Stephen_W, Aug 18, 2003.

  1. Stephen_W

    Stephen_W Auditioning

    Aug 14, 2003
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    Hi All,

    Recap: 17'9" x 17'9" room (will use false wall to make more rectangle)
    Got more information from a sound designer this weekend. Based on my needs he recommended the following for about 13k

    - Screenplay 5700
    - Denon 2803
    - Screen 80" could go as high as 88" (?)
    - Wharfdale speakers EV-10 (front); DFS-18 (rear); sub 12" powercube (sub)
    - DVD
    - light kit/touch remote/rack

    My questions are (1) is the 5700 a good projector for the money? (2) any experience with whardale speakers and a denon receiver? (3) based on the room size, is the screen big enough? (4) are there any other devices that would be essential at the start?
  2. Jack Briggs

    Jack Briggs Executive Producer

    Jun 3, 1999
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    Stephen, a dedicated home theater based on a front projector is hardly a Basics-area type of question. For now, I'm shipping this off to the DIY area. But asking about the individual components in the proper areas might be more effective. Let me know which you want. If you go the individual-components route, I'll go ahead and close this thread. Please advise via private message. Thanks.
  3. Stephen Dodds

    Stephen Dodds Second Unit

    Aug 29, 1998
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    The Screenplay is a very good projector, The Denon receiver is pretty good, and Wharfedale don't make very good speakers any more.

    I would look at other brands of speakers.

    BTW, a front projector like the InFocus is not much more than a regular TV, takes up less space, is easier to setup and produces a more involving picture. It should be an HT basic.


    To make this more DIY, you should investigate a grey screen, and go the 88 diagonal.

  4. Drew Eckhardt

    Drew Eckhardt Stunt Coordinator

    May 10, 2001
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    Screen size is entirely dependant on where you sit, what artifacts your projector has, and how sensitive you are to those artifacts.

    I think a seating distance to screen height ratio of about 2.7-2.9 works best assuming you projector lacks screen door/scan line artifacts (CRT scaled sufficiently, DLP, LCOS) or you are not sensitive to them (LCD). This translates into 1.5 - 1.65 screen widths on a 16:9 or 1.85:1 screen, which is pretty much the defacto standard. Closer means that the low resolution (soft picture) of DVD becoms noticeable; farther looses the immersive effect that's essential for the home theater experience. Obviously, wide screen sources are going to be too small on a 4:3 screen sized this way; although the typical low quality of such (DBS, cable, VHS) sources won't be noticeable on a screen that small.

    An 88" diagonal 16:9 screen is going to be just 76"x43". In the long term (it takes a little while to get used to movie-theater scale instead of big-TV) I think you'll be happier with a (much) wider screen if you sit more than about 10' away.

    I have a 9" CRT projector with an 87x49" screen. The ideal viewing distance for 16:9 and 1.85:1 sources is about 11'; and good scope movies look best somewhat under 9' from the screen.

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