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Discussion in 'DVD' started by Steve K.H., Dec 17, 2003.

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    Jan 11, 2002
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    Back in the day, I used to cringe at the sound of the Bee Gees music. To me it was sheer blasphemy that Disco was taking over the world. Pink Floyd had said they were going to make a disco album at the height of disco fever.

    Thankfully, Waters' boys came to their senses.[​IMG]

    ...and, with my maturity, I realized that the Bee Gees were unfairly typecast with the cascade of fly by night "artists" that took over the Disco era. Kind of like the myriad of people who are rappers in today's era.

    Few of these rap groups contain anyone who is a "musician"... sorry if I hit anyone's nerve... on second thought, grow up and deal with it.[​IMG]

    Quite simply, the Bee Gees are incredible artists that stood the test of time as demonstrated within their music pre, during, and post the Disco Daze.

    Recently, the hold out your hand network aired "One Night Only" - a performance by the Bee Gees from 1997 or thereabouts at the MGM Grand in Lost Wages...

    But, watching a bunch of geriatrics who are not quite able to hit the high note isn't the best. The whole time I watched the production from 1997, I enjoyed it yet I kept being reminded of Bruce Springsteen's message within his lyrics of "Glory Days".

    So... has anyone seen a DVD out there that is released or rumoured to be in the works that accounts for some of the production of the Bee Gees in concert during their finer days?
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    Nov 20, 2001
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    I think "One night only" is a fine dvd. [​IMG]

    Fine performances of a lot of their best known songs. Nice "acoustic" section.

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