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Brian Kissinger

Dec 11, 2001
Hello. I've bought some movies from my friend Mr. Lutter, but have never traded or sold anything here. I'm thinning out my collection. The following are for sale or trade. I ask for Money Orders Only. ALL PRICES INCLUDE SHIPPING.

New And Still Sealed

Signs ($15)
The Bourne Identity ($15)

Only Owned By Me

Bedazzled (2001) (Disc is great, slight wear on case) ($7)
Army of Darkness (Bootleg Edition/Director's Cut) TRADED
Vampires ($7)

Previously Viewed Copies From BlockBuster
Hearts in Atlantis ($6)
Jeepers Creepers (No insert, several scuffs...plays fine) ($7)

Previously Viewed Copies From Hollywood Video
********No Inserts********
Along Came a Spider SOLD
Jason X (A few scuffs on disc, plays fine)($7)

Previously Viewed From CD Connection
The store guarantees discs. I've bought probably 30 or more from them, and have never had a problem.

The Royal Tenenbaums (Criterion) (The outer case is a little worn, but the main case and discs are great) ($10) PENDING
The Man in the Moon (Note: This is the Reese Witherspoon film; Not the Jim Carrey film) ($7)
Thir13en Ghosts SOLD
The Lawnmower Man (A few scuffs...plays fine) ($5)
Mission Impossible 2 SOLD
Vampires: Los Muertos (Although I bought this from CD Connection, it appears to have come from Hollywood....No Insert, and funky Lockable case) ($7)

I have children, and sometimes they have gotten into my DVD's (hence so many with scuffs). Anyone (with positive feedback here at the HTF) who buys or trades for a disc listed with scuffs and it has a problem playing, I'll happily refund their money or movie. Most I have watched and know they play fine, but I want you to have complete peace of mind. Any discs that have no remarks next to them are mint to near mint.


Bull Durham SE
The Untouchables
This is Spinal Tap
Edward Scissorhands
Any Universal "Classic Monster" movies
Three Colors Trilogy
Raising Arizona
The Deer Hunter
To Kill a Mockingbird

And plenty more I can't think of at the moment. Make me an offer. I am very open to 2 to 1 or 3 to 1 trades as well.
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Jeff Whitford

Dec 31, 1998
Im interested in your factory sealed discs.
I have these to trade

K19 The Widowmaker no insert & has some scratchs but plays fine.

Star Trek VI The Undiscovered Country


Das Boot

Hunt For Red October

Air Force One

A Fish Called Wanda

Band of Brothers Volume 3 (parts 4&5) For those of you trying to get them all at Blockbuster or Hollywood video

The Iron Giant (sealed promo)

X-Men light scratchs play fine

Pulp Fiction Canadian w/ extras not on the original US disc

Bad Boys (original w/Will Smith)light scratchs play fine

A Bridge Too Far

This is 3 for 1
or take one of these with any regular title

Ryder PI (sealed)

Fox Demo discs 2&3

Brian Kissinger

Dec 11, 2001
Thanks for the interest, and the willingness to trade with a newbie. And a special thanks to Joe, for the info on LMK.:)

All offers have been replied to. I will reply to every offer.




Supporting Actor
Mar 1, 2002
Also a newbie here. I'm interested in Army of Darkness (Bootleg Edition/Director's Cut).

DVD’s for trade:
A Better Tomorrow
The Cell
Clerks – Animated 2 Disc
The Fog
Get Carter
Goodbye Lover
In The Mouth Of Madness - John Carpenter
Insomnia – 2002 Version
Mr. Deeds
Musketeer – 2002
“O” 2-disc w/Othello
Run Lola Run
Taxi Driver
National Lampoons Vacation (FS)
Young Guns

I've had 2 successful trades(1 has not posted feedback yet).

Thanks for your time

Chet Fletcher Username: Chet_F

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