Batttlestar Gallactica - The Original Series

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    I picked up the Blu-ray release of the movie and have been watching it--much to my amazement, this is a fantastic-looking release, and also a fantastic-sounding release (great use of the bass and the surrounds), although it says audio is DTS 5.1, when it seems to be 2.1. This is not an upconvert, but instead it appears to have been remastered in HD. Aspect ratio appears to be 1:85:1--not sure if this was the same aspect ratio as the original theatrical release or not. Some standout moments include the crisp, sharp reds in the red alert sequences and the nebula scene, the film grain is still present, great bass explosions and rumblings, lots of noticeable new details in the model work and the bridge and other sets thanks to the higher resolution. Some of the fx scenes don't look quite as sharp probably because those scenes have been through another round of processing compared to non-fx scenes, although some fx scenes do look amazingly sharp.

    I'm hopeful that this release is merely the beginning of the 35th anniversary celebrations, and that a release of the complete series will follow later in the year. Fingers crossed that they created a new set of HD transfers.

    In short, GALACTICA has never looked better-fans should be quite excited about this transfer, despite the Blu-ray being an otherwise bare-bones release.

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