Battery replacement for a Harmony 950?


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I purchased a 950 last fall to replace an ailing Harmony One, which still seems the best Logitech ever put out. The 950 (basically the Elite without the hub) has numerous issues for me, the buttons size, shape and placement in particular.

However, the issue at hand is that the battery originally had to be recharged every 4 days when I got it (Sept 2018). Now it's down to almost every day. This is very poor in my view. I have the same frequency of usage on my Harmony One and got just more than a week with that remote before needing a recharge. They even brag about "20%" greater capacity for the 950 - in your dreams!

For the 950 I even set the brightness level (admittedly a nice feature not on the One) at 25% but I still have this problem.

My first question: is it time for a battery replacement? There is no User Manual included nor on the Logitech site, just a submit question form. I can't even view their community forums!

On line I see that swapping out batteries is a big deal with this unit. Another big step backwards in my view.

My second question: Does anyone know a good aftermarket or approved source for a replacement battery and step by step process for replacement?

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