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Chris Tsutsui

Feb 1, 2002
Questions about receiver, amp, volume control, speaker switch center, and bathroom playing HT source.

I have a Kenwood VR-5080 receiver which is connected via "Dual zone out" to a 2 channel onkyo amplifier. The Onkyo amp is connected to a speaker switch box, which is then connected to two pairs of JBL N26AWii outdoor speakers.

The 5 powered channels of the Kenwood receiver all go to the 5 home theater speakers.

I have two DLS Impedance matching volume controls #300-548 from partsexpress, and a DLS speaker switch center #240-075.

I would like to use one outdoor volume control for each pair of outdoor speakers.

The Amp is rated at 100wpc, while the volume knobs and speaker selector is only rated at 50w rms. I figured that since the speaker selector will be sending power to four 8 ohm outdoor speakers, there will less watts going to each of the speakers and the 50w RMS volume controls will be enough.

Do you think this will work, or am I going to end up with a fried selector box and fried volume controls the first time I start her up.... The DLS selector box says it has an internal resistance network to protect the amplifier as well.

Now here's the tricky part: I now want to hook up a pair of bathroom speakers so that they play what ever the TV is playing whether it be television/sat, or DVD/CD.

This leads me to believe that I have to hook up the bathroom speakers to the receiver. Is it possible to connect the speaker selector box which plays "zone B", to the bathroom speakers, and then get sound from whatever source I'm playing?

Or will I need some sort of line splitter, or perhaps another amplifier?


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