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Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by Adam Smasher, Jan 29, 2004.

  1. Adam Smasher

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    Dec 2, 2003
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    I need help. I run the Denon 2900 and the Denon 4802 in my HT. All the magazines rave about the 2900's bass management ability when playing DVD-Audios or SACD. Well I have and play both but I hear nothing from the subs. Am I not understanding the term Bass Management? The term to me means that I can select small or large mains and sub or not. I have read nothing about it in manual. How do I set up the 2900 to output to the subs when palying DVD-audio and SACD. Perhaps it is in the reciever setup. Also, when playing SACD and DVD-audios I use the external in analog connections.
    Thanks a bunch. Adam
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    Nov 4, 2003
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    Be carful, many SACD titles actually have no Sub, they send full range to all the speakers.

    I have seen different SACD titles be across the board on how they are actually mixed.

    I have no experience with that unit. But this is what I have found playing around with a Pioneer Universal unit anyways. Many titles have no sub.

    Others more experienced with SACD, I would love to read your thoughts on this as well. I only played with it for like 3 hours one day as I don't do SACD yet on my system.
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    BM is what you think it is...a means to send bess from the speakers that can't handle it to those that can.

    Most (but not all) MC SACDs and DVD-A's will be 5.1, however, some will have very little bass in the .1 channel, others will have all the bass in the .1. Again, its the job of BM to match what is on the disc to your speaker compliment.

    How a disc is recorded is somewhat irrelevant, in that BM will man-handle the signal and make sure things get where they need to be.

    Basically though, in he 2900 you should set all speakers small, sub on.

    Having said that, many Denon's have specific features to deal with the fact that most uni-players seem to have very low output of the .1/sub channel. I know that certain Denon receivers have a switchable boost for the EXT In Sub Channel that will bring the level up appropriately.

    IIRC, there may even be options on both the 2900 and the 4802 to sort that out. If you try searching on "2900 BM" you should find some talk about these units.

    As I don't own either unit, I will have to defer to those that do to offer specific suggestions.


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