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Bass management issues aside, what do you like about your universal player? (1 Viewer)


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Feb 9, 2004
St. Hubert, Quebec, Canada
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Anyone use their universal players with settings all LARGE (with or without ICBM or pre/pro/receiver analogue or digital bass management)?

If so, how's the audio? Fine, great, spectacular, don't get the hype?

I've considered so many options, I'm getting a bit punch-drunk.

I've decided to make my decision based on audio quality first and not worry about bass and time management. My receiver can apply this to its multichannel inputs and if I find, somehow, the extra A/D/A too "corrupt", I'll get an ICBM and move my speakers around (the room will be mine to arrange as I please, once we buy our house).

p.s. budget is up to 1000$US, but would prefer less

John Garcia

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Jun 24, 1999
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At $1K US, your best bet is the Denon 2900, period.

Below that, the Denon 2200 is a very good choice, but the 2900 is better for audio, and slightly better with video. For 2ch SACD, I set both my 222ES and 2200 (DVD-A also on the 2200) to stereo full range. Audio is very good with it, not spectacular, and is what I would expect for a player of it's price. Video is VERY good, the reason why I went with it (already have SACD with the 222). MSRP $600 US.

I haven't heard the Yamaha 1500 yet, but it should be looked at as well.

Mike Co

Oct 21, 2003
I have the Pioneer 563-a with the ICBM and have no complaints (for the $). I'm not familiar enough with the Denon's to compare, but I can't believe the Bass Mgmt is any better than the ICBM. I'm using small Boston's and a lackluster Boston sub on the system with a Yamaha DSP-A1.
It was a chore setting up the sub so that there was a good balance between DTS, Dolby versus SACD and DVD-A bass response and would prefer more of a fine gain adjustment on the ICBM for the sub out; but, again, the system sounds v. good for all sources at what I would consider an attractive price point.
The Pio has burr-brown's for the front + center, less good DAC's for the surrounds, and no idea for the sub (may be irrelevant), so in this area the Denon's would definitely outperform, I'm waiting to see what the other main-line vendors come out with over the next 6 months or so but made the plunge with the Pio due to price & features and added the ICBM because it needs it and it will stay with me, I suppose, for many years.

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