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    This has been driving me crazy for awhile.

    In Windows XP, when you click on the Start button, then the All Programs button, you get a list of (supposedly) all your programs.

    Often, I cannot find a program icon in this list that I know was there previously. Also, the programs do not seem to be organized in any fashion (like location of file).

    How do I add programs to this list, or otherwise organize it?


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    Nick So
    To add your own programs to the start menu, right click the start menu, then go EXPLORE ALL USERS. If you just wanna add your programs to your start menu and not other users, open up Windows Explorer, then Documents and Settings, your username, then start menu.

    To add things, find the file you want linked to, and create a shortcut. Put the shortcut in the start menu folder from the first paragraph...

    Hope this wasnt too confusing...

    To organize it alphabetically, right click any Start menu selection, and click SORT by name

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