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Nov 27, 2006
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Hi, this is my first post in this forum, and I have a few general questions about my home theater. First off, i've got the Sony HT-DDW660 surround sound system.

My first question is if I simply run all my components (DVD player, xbox360, etc) through my tv with component cables, then connect my surround sound to my TV via a coaxial digital audio cable (my receiver has only 1 digital audio input), am I getting the same sound quality as if I connected all my components directly to my surround sound? If not, I was going to look into replacing my receiver. I was leaning towards the JVC RX-D205S because of the 3 digital audio ports and decent price. Please point me towards a better one if this one is lacking in some way.

My second question is if I switch receivers, can I still use the same speakers that came with my old system? Would there be any quality loss?

And my last question is a bit more general. When I plug my TV into my surround sound with the digital audio coax cable, how "surround" actually is it? Does all the sound come out all the speakers, or do the rear sounds come out the rear speakers, etc., like they would with a DVD? Thanks for any help with these noob questions.


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Sep 5, 2006
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All you sources should enter your receiver first. Get a receiver that has enough digital inputs to accomidate all of your present sources that have digital outputs, x,box, DVD, Cable Box, Etc. Plus at least one or two more.

The receiver you buy should be have video upconversion to at least the best input one your TV. I would assume you have a TV with at least component video inputs and maybe even HDMI.

Soon everything will be HDMI so when you connect anything to your receiver your receiver should be able to upconvert everything to either component Video or HDMI.

The only connection to the TV should be Either 1 component video cable or 1 HDMI cable (depending on your TV)

I would suggest an a/v receiver like then Denon 2307ci -HDMI upconversion

or at least the Denon 1907 - component Video upconversion

check out their complete lineup of receivers. This is one area that you shouldn't cheap out on since it's the "heart" of your system. Get the Best one that you can afford.

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