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Stan Welks

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Sep 14, 2004
I want to purchase high-quality cables for my TV and DVD player (several hundred dollars worth) while trying to make sure as much as possible that these cables will work with a future HDTV and other components that I want to purchase in the next year.

1.Do HDTVs and HD-DVD and Blu-Ray players use component video cables and S-video cables? Will these cables be obsolete with a new system?



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Sep 5, 2006
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The newest format cables are HDMI. That's digital Video and Digital Audio all on one cable.

That will probably be the standard for the future( well at least for now)

s-video and composite are already pretty much obsolite. Although most newer A/V receivers (mid to upper end) will convert s and composite(Yellow) to HDMI.

HDMI is a one cable solution. Compontent cables are good, but require the use of additional Optical or digital coax for audio.

You'll see most Tv's especially Projectors, Plasma's will have the new HDMI.

If you look at new A/V receivers starting at about the $799.00 price point they already have the Upconverstion to the new HDMI in them already

Looks like eveything with the newest High Def formants will output 1080P via HDMI.

here a quick google on HDMI Cables and Prices

According to announcements by manufacturers, new high-definition DVD formats (HD-DVD and Blu-ray) and game machines (including the Sony PLAYSTATION® 3) will make use of capabilities added in HDMI 1.3. Digital televisions will be able to present images that are closer to real life than previously has been possible. These will include LCD TVs, plasma displays and rear projection microdisplays. The PS3 which is scheduled to ship in November 2006, will be the first source product to provide such high quality imagery to these displays. It is expected that hi-def DVD players will follow early in 2007 with HDMI 1.3 support. A/V Receivers that can decode DTS-HD Master Audio and Dolby TrueHD will start to show up early in 2007 as well. Please check with the manufacturers for details.

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Bob McElfresh

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May 22, 1999
Hi Stan. Welcome to HTF!

Salesmen are drooling now!

If you have bought into the sales-hype that the cost of your wires should rival the electronics, it is just not true. Digital signals are very in-sensitive to the cables.

If you really want good cables - order custom cables. The owner of is a member here and has lots of happy customers. He sells cables using wires normally sold in 500' rolls to broadcast studios & production houses. It has the performance that video-engineers look for.

The prices are very sane. You can get a good cable for about the price of 2 Blue-Ray DVD's. And they have a good return policy.

Hope this helps.

Stan Welks

Stunt Coordinator
Sep 14, 2004
1.Are DTS-HD and Dolby TrueHD formats that will only be available with HD-DVD and Blu-ray? Will they be available for DVD?

2.I have never heard of these formats, are they used in theatres? From a technical view, how does it compare to theatre audio?

3.What is 1080P?

Thanks for your patience!!!!

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