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Dec 6, 2012
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Shumail Saigol
I had posted on this forum a few years back and had gotten tremendous feedback. At the time I was planning the construction of my house. Now I am getting ready to actually finish the Home Theatre. I've attached a drawing of the area.

Home Theater Design.jpg

About the Room

If you are facing the screen, it is concrete on front and left and brick/mortar on rear and right. The ceiling is concrete but it is covered by a false ceiling (gypsum). The height is 9 feet but after the false ceiling the clear space is approx. 8 feet. First row of seating is on the floor and the back rows are raised by 14" each.. The door is in the right rear corner. The projection wall size is 15 feet wide by 8 feet high. I've also attached a 3D drawing for reference, however the measurements mentioned here are correct, please ignore the measurements on the drawing. I am open to all suggestions but the main questions I have are:

1. Can I go larger than the screen size mentioned on the attached sheet.
2. Is curved screen an option? Does it require a special projector? Is it practical?
3. Is 3D screen and projector different from regular one.
4. Should I opt for 3D or wait and upgrade when the technology is less expensive.
5. Do I need treatment on the entire wall or just specific points.
6. What should I do on the Floor?
7. Decor ideas are also welcome

Looking forward to your help.


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