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Basement Finish - New HT - Aperion/SVS/Epson (1 Viewer)


Feb 8, 2013
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Hey all - Long, long, long long time lurker, first time poster. Here is the HT I just got near done building. Basement was a complete open slate when I started. I did all construction with 2 friends and my father in law except for drywall taping and carpet install. Theatre - 14x16x7.5 Receiver - Matantz SR5007 Mains - Aperion Grand monitors Surrounds - Monoprice 5 1/4's (given the sound stage distance - these cheap speakers matched the higher dollar speakers as they are barely driven at all). Great little speakers on the cheap. Only fault they have, the back of them are not enclosed. Sub - Currently 1 JBL PSWD115 - I have two SVS PB1000's on order. Epson 3020 3D projector Visual Apex 120" 1.1 16x9 screen The open area is still unknown as to what Im going to put down there. The drumset now has a Mackie studio monitor system behind it - the rest is wide open. The ceiling of the theatre is only fire taped for now as Im currently building the fiber optic panels for a starfield ceiling. Time....absorbing....project.... HTPC is a I3 Sandy Bridge - Samsung 830 SSD - 8GB - Hauppage TV Tuner - Win media center connected to NAS for movies/internet/streaming. FUGLY ass case which needs to be replaced. Deciding on building a new machine for gaming on the screen which will result in all new hardware since my current mobo only has one PCI-E slot for the TV tuner. Yeah for failed future planning. Just wanted to say thanks to all the regulars on the board. I have read manu threads on this forum from reviews to opinions and it helps those like myself who are endlessly undecided. Once the starfield is done, wow I will be happy.


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Jan 24, 2010
East Tennessee
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Very nice! Be sure to post pictures of the ceiling after it is up and running (That doesn't necessarily mean "done". I'm not sure you're ever quite done-hence, don't expect to "future proof". Just enjoy what you have. :) Did you use rope lights under the sectional ?

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