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Oct 16, 2000
Anybody here have to deal with baseboard heaters being close to their TV/equipment rack?

The new place I'm moving into this weekend really only has one good place to put my 53": against a wall that has a baseboard heater running the length of it. Just so happens that my rack will also have to sit next to the TV the way the room is configured. So, my question is has anybody ever seen serious harm done by stuff being too close to a baseboard heater? It is an old converted TH, heaters are hot water, and I can't really control the flow (heat for all the condos is centrally controlled).

I was thinking of building small wooden covers lined with tinfoil to go over the parts of the heater that are directly behind the TV and rack to direct some heat to the sides, but I don't know exactly how effective that's going to be.

On a related not, does anybody know of a good source for 3" or 4" (quiet) exhaust fans? I don't need the kind that you just clip on; I'm talking about the kind that would actually be inserted into a cutout part of a frame or board. I'm thinking something like a CPU fan, but I would need to be able to plug it in to a regular wall outlet. Thanks


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May 26, 2003
My TV and A/V rack is also along a wall which has baseboard heat and I havent had any problems. I think the baseboard is a major contributor to all of the dust though. haha I have to keep that under control. Havent had any problems from the heat though.

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