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bill lopez

Second Unit
Jul 17, 1999
Just having watched Game 5 of the Indians vs. Mariners it gets me mad when I see balls being called strikes by the umpire and the broadcaster says it caught the corner!
Even though on the replay from above shows it's a ball.
The poor Indians didn't have a chance! And the broadcaster makes it sound like Jamie Moyer is pitching great. I know these bad calls go on all season but you would think since it's the playoffs we would get some good umpireing. Unless
of course Baseball doesn't want 116 win team out in the 1st round. Hmmmm...

John Thomas

Senior HTF Member
Mar 23, 2000
It's not an easy pill to swallow when your team is on the wrong end of those types of calls. However, the way Joe Morgan explained it on ESPN made sense. I believe he called it the "Greg Maddux effect" where if you're hitting your spots early, the more likely you are of getting the call go your way later in the game.
Of course, nothing will compare to the conspiracy that the NBA had to get the Sixers in the playoffs last year. The series with Philly and Milwaukee was horrendously called. The referees must have been ordered to throw the games in Philly's favor.
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