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Barnes & Noble British TV 50% Off MSRP Sale Dec 4, 2018 through Dec 17, 2018 (1 Viewer)

David Norman

Oct 12, 2001
Charlotte, NC
British TV 50% Off MSRP Sale Dec 4, 2018 through Dec 17, 2018

50% Off MSRP British TV Bluray and DVDs

I would check other sources since many of the older DVD sets have been 60-75% off (or more on clearance) in the past so even with coupons it may not be a great price

No new Coupons yet, but I'd expect some by the end of the week. There is the one 15% Instore Code for now.

I guess there is some distant hope of the repeat of last years stupendous 60% off 2nd week and even Double Member Discount Weekend, but that seems to be a bit much to hope for again.

Also note that there are some in-store items that are 50% off which aren't on sale online.
Best Current Item:
Doctor Who: Peter Davison Complete Season One [Series 19 British Reckoning] $70 MSRP, $63 online, but $35 in store or as a ship to home (plus member and coupons). Official release day is today and many stores have it in-stock

A few notable newer Bluray release items
Doctor Who: Complete Peter Capaldi Years $64.99
Doctor Who: Complete Season 1: Tom Baker $34.99
Last Kingdom: Season Three $22.49 (Preorder)
Masterpiece: Poldark - Season 4 $27.49
Midsomer Murders: Series 20 $29.99
Murdoch Mysteries: Home For the Holidays $12.49
Murdoch Mysteries: Series 11 $29.99
Victoria - the Complete Second Season $29.99
George Gently Complete Series $74.99
Downton Abbey: Complete Collection $74.99

SPOILERED a bunch of links from past sales though many of them may be OOS -- I'll update these as I'm able to double check everything
Orphan Black Complete Series $54.99
Orphan Black S5 $17.49
Sherlock S1-4 + Abominable Bride $49.99
Doctor Who Complete Series 10 $42.49
The Fall Complete Series Collection 34.99
BBC House of Cards Trilogy 24.99
Sherlock Season 4
Humans 2.0 $19.99
Red Dwarf Xii 19.99
Ripper Street S5 $17.49
Doc Martin Season 8 19.99

Doctor Who Christmas Specials Gift Set
Ripper Street: Season Four
Orphan Black: Season 4
Peaky Blinders: Series Two let's just call this a classic British TV series that isn't for everyone
Murdoch Mysteries: Collection 5-8
Murdoch Mysteries: Season 09
Humans S1
The Night Manager S1

DVD -- be careful. Many of these have been available at very discounts on Amazon, etc and several of the series have been re-released in new packaging with drastically different MSRP than some of these sets.
Red Dwarf: the Complete Collection $99.99 (Amazon had this 2016 at $45)
Absolutely Fabulous: Complete Series (Special Ed) 79.50
Foyle's War: Complete Saga $100
Foyle's War: the Home Front Files, Sets 1-6 Series 7 and 8 are on Bluray if you prefer mixed media.
Are You Being Served?: the Complete Collection $50
Yes Minister: the Complete Collection $30 -- got these 2 series a couple years ago and it's really hard to tell you how funny I find them esp right now
Yes Prime Miniester: The Complete Collection $25 (and yes B&N still has it Mis-spelled)
Black Adder Remastered - The Ultimate Edition $40
Fawlty Towers Complete Series $25
Miss Marple: The Complete Collection $50
Doc Martin: Six Surly Seasons & The Movies $62.50. Season 7 and 8 was released on Bluray, but I'm unaware that 1-6 will ever get that treatment

David Norman

Oct 12, 2001
Charlotte, NC
Trying to figure out the updated sales

It appears the in-store only part of the sale has bumped the discount to 60% and extended the sale through 12/14.
No new online coupons for thje weekend listed tonight. Possibly something still might pop up for the weekend.

David Norman

Oct 12, 2001
Charlotte, NC
Confirmed the British TV sale has been upgraded to 60% off MSRP in store and extended to 12/24.

It does appear than coupons have now been blocked online and instore. Member discount still applies instore,

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