Barco 808 Graphics CRT front PJ progressive or interlaced?

Discussion in 'Displays' started by Chris PC, Aug 28, 2005.

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    Just wondering if the Barco 808 Graphics CRT front PJ is progressive or interlaced? I have no idea, as I'm not familiar with CRT front projectors. Are they progressive like a PC monitor? Or interlaced like NTSC TV's? I'm thinking maybe the HDTV CRT front projectors are progressive but I don't know.



    P.S. The reason I am asking is because I am curious as to whether an iScan HD would make sense with this unit. If its interlaced, I don't imagine that the iScan HD would make much sense.
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    Most CRT projectors have a variable progressive scan rate on the CRT's matching the input and within limits, for example anything from 480p (regular VGA and NTSC progressive) to 768p (XGA). 1080i is treated specially or, in inferior cases, like 540p. Some CRT projectors accept just 480i, 480p, and 1080i and display only in 1080i.

    The iScan's and other de-interlacers work fine with CRT HDTV's that display as 1080i even though the final picture is interlaced. There are enough scan lines that the 480p frames coming out of the iScan are displayed in their full glory, just that every other one of them is slightly staggered on the CRT('s). (The 480p frames may or may not be upscaled by the TV to have 540 scan lines)

    All HDTV's do their own de-interlacing of 480i material and accept 480p material. The iScan does an equal or better job than most with the (subjective) exception of TV's containing Faroudja DCDI de-interlacing.

    The TV's 540p/1080i selection (if any) does nothing more than eliminate the stagger of every other frame. It may make gaps between scan lines more noticeable and will optically downrez HDTV material to no longer be high definition.

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