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Barco 1208 Port 3 or 5 better? (1 Viewer)

Nov 16, 2003

I've just come into a Barco 1208 projector recently. I've fired it up, and done some basic adjustments to project a picture (from my VCR) onto the wall just to make sure it all works.

I'm wanting to connect a PC (I guess you could call it a HTPC) directly to the projector. I know I can do this with a custom VGA to DB9 cable (into Port 3) or with a VGA to 5-BNC cable (for Port 5). I can readily buy the VGA to 5-BNC cables for a reasonable price ($15 for 15ft). But even a short 2 foot VGA to DB9 would be $75+.

So, my main question is: Does using Port 3 give a better quality image than using Port 5? If I had to guess, I would think that Port 5 would yield a better image as you can use mini-coax shielded cable for each signal, as opposed to using wires that terminate on tiny pins on the DB9 for a connection. But I don't know the answer for sure, that's why I asking ;) I guess in theory RGBHV is RGBHV, so I wouldn't think there would be a huge difference if much at all.

TIA for any advice/input,
Mike W.

PS: I've read places that either Port 3 or Port 5 is more friendly with regard to Positive/Negative sync autodetection. (I think if you use port 3, you need to use something like PowerStrip to force a negative pulse to get good results, whereas with port 5 you don't, but I may have that backwards. :D )
Nov 16, 2003
I did find this info regarding Port 3 and Port 5. I'll post here FYI:

But I still wouldn't mind hearing from anyone with "real" experience with these two ports. Is there THAT much of an advantage to using Port 3 over Port 5 to justify the expensive custom cable required to use it?

Thanks again!
Mike W.


Senior HTF Member
Aug 19, 2002
This has been discussed heavily in the past, I will provide you a link via PM.

I don't recall concrete answers though.... :frowning:

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