Band of Brothers Asian version R0: is quality the same as US?

Discussion in 'DVD' started by BrianEK, Sep 23, 2003.

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    I've been looking to purchase band of brothers on dvd and came across several people on ebay selling the asian version set for about $25 (vs. US version $80). All auctions say that all the contents are exactly the same as the US release and the same quality. but that just the packaging is different (no tin case). it's obvious it contains all the same stuff but i wondered if for the massive price difference it would not be the same caliber quality as the US version.(if it is it's heck of a deal) Any opinions? here's a link to an auction:
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    Potential problems:-

    (a) Could be pirate/bootleg.
    (b) The legit R3 local version here is apparently censored, some bits are apparently considered too gory/bloody. So connoisseurs/purists will still seek out the R1 edition even if the R3 is cheaper (which I am not sure is necessarily the case anyway).

    A friend did in fact buy a pirate set when travelling in China. Apparently it isn't flagged properly and displays the anamorphic 16:9 image even if the DVD player is set to 4:3 to correspond to a 4:3 TV.

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